Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Design Appreciation

 poorly design product:
the first one, the two controller are join together so if it want to play two play, they will have hard time controlling .  
 the second one , is the person fire a bullet, it will most likely to hit himself
the good designs:   the first product  is bendable so it can put it in some places in the devise that  the space is small so it can stuff this product in
 the second product is a mac book air . it is small  and thin .so it  takes up a little space

all image taken from google


  1. I agree that gun is a magor poorly as i will the user.
    I agree the flexible USB port is helpful as it saves alot of time.

  2. I agree that the mac book air (not mini) is a good design.
    I disagree that the ps3 controller contraption is bad as it is actually a stand for multiple controllers. (i know, i have a ps3)

  3. The gun is suicidal and the usb cable will be slightly flimsy as the joint may not be strong.