Sunday, March 6, 2011


1)it is very hard to draw some objects but if we use the shape borrowing , it makes it easier to draw some shapes.for example, a combination of circle and square .
2)scamper helps us to improve our design, helping us to make object to become from a plain design ,using the SCAMPER method we can make it more interesting and nicer while , the SCAMPER allows us to decide what to remove from the design.After applying the SCAMPER method to your design helps make your design to be the nicest and the most functional.


  1. you are almost there!
    I think you need to elaborate on the shape borrowing, on how it makes it easier to draw

  2. You are almost there, i think i think your explanation can be a bit more detailed and when it is more detailed i can better understand what you are trying to say to me and understand more what it is

  3. You are almost there! You might want to show how a circle and a square can form a creative object and elaborate how SCAMPER can make a design look more interesting and nicer.

  4. You are almost there :D

    It's not really quite clear for a person who red it at first may not understand it. The shapes are easy to draw at first, unless it's a free form shape that may require various shapes

  5. You are almost there! You can put in a little more detail about shape borrowing and it would be easier to understand. :)